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Are you insured for these five common house accidents in Dubai?

Are you insured for these five common house accidents in Dubai?

Most UAE residents do not buy home and personal belongings insurance policies

The recent fire at the 75-storey Sulafa Tower in Dubai Marina has once again brought the issue of home insurance to the forefront.

While home insurance policies can start from Dhs 19 per month in the UAE, the majority of residents do not buy home and personal belongings insurance policies, according to a report by and QIC Insured.

The report highlighted five common accidents that a standard property, home contents and personal belongings insurance can cover.

1. Damaged smartphone:

You can get cash back if you crack your iPhone screen. Personal electronics such as phones, laptops and cameras can be insured under a ‘personal belongings insurance’ by your insurance provider. As long as you have declared the value of your phone upfront in your policy, with its serial number, the next time you accidentally drop your phone, contact your insurance provider. They’ll reimburse you the replacement cost of your screen.

2. Stolen electronic device:

Losing your phone or laptop can be painstaking as you’ve just lost your contacts, valuable photos and documents. But if you’ve insured your electronic devices under a ‘personal belongings insurance’ policy, a police report confirming the theft can get you a reimbursement for the value of your items. This coverage is also worldwide – so you’re covered if your phone, camera or laptop is damaged or stolen on holiday. Just declare your items upfront when you buy your policy with their serial number.

3. Accidental house fire:

As much as you think ‘that’ll never happen to me’, house fires are one of the most common claims for home insurance in Dubai. In 2015, there were 188 fires in residential units in Dubai – one fire every two days. Cigarettes, unattended candles and electric fires can put your homes at risk. A standard property insurance can reimburse you for the repair costs and also provide you with alternative accommodation while repairs are being made.

4. Burst water pipes:

Burst water heaters and leaking pipes are a common maintenance issue in Dubai. A recent report conducted by MoveSouq found that up to 80 per cent of Dubai apartment residents complain of maintenance issues each year. If there is any damage to your furniture or floors from an exploding water heater, burst water pipe or leaking water hose, your property and home content insurance can cover it, as long as your furniture has been declared in full when you purchased your policy.

5. Flooding from the rain:

The recent thunder storms in the UAE left many residential and commercial units flooded in its wake. A home insurance policy will protect your property from flooding and damage due to the elements. You can expect to be reimbursed for your repair costs and also receive alternative accommodation while repairs are taking place.

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