Illegal workers in Saudi face prison, SAR50,000 fine as crackdown begins

The kingdom ended a four-month amnesty period for illegal workers last week

Illegal foreign workers that failed to participate in Saudi Arabia’s recent amnesty period are facing up to a six months in jail, a SAR50,000 fine and deportation, according to reports.

Arabic publication Al-Madinah cited the kingdom’s Passports Department as saying the punishments were part of a crackdown campaign and would depend on the severity of the offence.

Workers found to be working independently in a first time violation will be fined SAR10,000 ($2,666) and deported and second-time offenders will be fined SAR25,000 ($6,665) and jailed for one-month before being deported.

Those caught a third time will face the maximum SAR50,000 ($13,331) fine and six months in jail before being deported.

Last week, the kingdom ended a four-month amnesty period allowing those working or staying in the country illegally to leave without penalty and return at a later date with legitimate work.

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Roughly 600,000 violators took part in the amnesty, well short of the more than one million some expected.

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Reports suggested that some workers were expecting the amnesty to be extended further to cover the Haj period, when they hoped to make more money before returning home.