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How To Build Your Personal Brand

How To Build Your Personal Brand

Understand yourself and identify your strengths and weaknesses, writes Sanjay Modi, managing director, for India, Middle East and South East Asia.

Each day presents a new opportunity for personal branding. An effective brand is unique and rich in authenticity. What you are passionate about, your skills and talents come from the core of your self and are the gateway to pursuing your ambitions for your future careers. If you are looking for your next new challenge, it’s time to build the brand called YOU.

Differentiating yourself from the many talented candidates out there competing with you for that exciting new position can be a challenging task. So pay attention to your individual qualities. Ask yourself, what skills do I possess?

I would recommend you start off with writing your main interests and what you are mostly fond off. For instance, what activities do you find interesting; what style of work environment do you wish to become a part of; and what are some of the values that are important to you for your ideal career. Once this step is complete, you will have a clearer guidance as to which are the industries you wish to approach.

In addition, I would recommend identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Doing so will aid you with your talents and what you believe you are capable of achieving. Compile a SWOT analysis for your benefit to help you recognise and overcome your weaknesses so you can focus on the opportunities ahead. Even more, knowing your strengths and weaknesses are important factors as they are the most common asked questions while being interviewed.

Finally, project your personal brand onto your CV and online profiles. Assess the presentation of your CV and maintain the same presentation during your applications. Some of the basic tips on writing a successful CV are:

• Include: personal details, education and qualifications, work experience, skills, interests, achievements, hobbies and some references.

• Presentation – Try not to use more than one page for this. Layout should be structured and clearly presented.

• Keep your CV updated with your new skills, experiences etc.

By promoting your unique skills on your online profiles, this will increase your personal brand awareness.

So now you have built Brand You – now it’s time to prepare for the interview, a few of the essential requirements are as follows:

• Understand the companies’ background, context and values

• Identify your strengths, weaknesses, values and skills

• Communicate clearly

• Ask questions

• Dress presentably

• Be punctual

Be mindful of the impression you make as it is an important fragment in personal branding. Maintaining a positive appearance, dressing appropriately, having confidence and most importantly believing in yourself – all of them define the aspects of Brand You.


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