How Seagate provides cutting-edge data recovery services How Seagate provides cutting-edge data recovery services
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How Seagate provides cutting-edge data recovery services

How Seagate provides cutting-edge data recovery services

A free data recovery service is available with SkyHawk drives which is applicable if the drives are purchased from their authorised distributors


The pandemic accelerated digitalisation caused a shift in human behaviour and prompted enterprises to rethink their strategies. Moreover, with the introduction of new on-demand technologies, what was a digital alternative earlier became the only option for businesses and enterprises.

In the surveillance industry, although the hard disk drive and solid-state drive markets were affected by the pandemic, the forecast looks stable as demand for storage remains strong in multiple areas. The IDC report states that both the markets are expected to see a growth rate of 18.5 per cent between 2020-2025.

Video surveillance, and video management software and analytics are expected to be in high demand as the need arises for IP-based video surveillance systems.

To discuss more on this market and the future of the surveillance business, we had a chat with Mohammed Zubair Shareef, surveillance sales manager of Seagate and here’s what he had to say.

How do you think the storage and surveillance industry is evolving technologically?
One of the critical sectors of the security industry that is rapidly growing is video surveillance. It is a vital component of the security systems industry that has witnessed a rise in adoption with the boost in video quality. The primary element complementing the growth is the surge in deployment of surveillance systems and in specific key verticals that have made such systems mandatory.

The evolution of artificial intelligence technology and increased adoption of video surveillance is a key trend in the market. Therefore, we believe AI will be the key driver of the video surveillance industry.

Can you please introduce to our readers Seagate storage and surveillance solutions?
Seagate Technology is a leading data storage and management solutions company with a 40-year history. We are specialised in building innovative internal and external storage solutions and provide drives for every task and function in the industry.

Although it’s growing technologically, do you think there are any core challenges faced?
However, from a challenge standpoint, despite the advancement in camera resolution and adoption, data-intensive analytics are still posing some serious challenges at the back end. Although high-end solutions are in place, certain clients report issues with the back end. It is self-evident that when individuals concentrate on the high-resolution camera requirements, they neglect the back end, which is the storage solution. The appropriate approach to achieve this is to select the correct drive for video-intensive applications. We’ve seen or heard of non-surveillance drives being used in video surveillance applications. As a result, the solution is to employ a video-intensive application drive.

Can you please elaborate on the Seagate SkyHawk range of drives?
Seagate has a dedicated video surveillance drive which is called Skyhawk. Within SkyHawk, we have two different categories. SkyHawk standard ranges from 1TB-6TB, and SkyHawk AI ranges from 8TB-18TB. This particular drive is optimised for artificial intelligence applications.

These drives are designed for video surveillance as well as AI-optimised applications. They can support 64 full HD video streams, followed by 32 AI streams. A five-year warranty is also included.

What are the challenges conquered by the SkyHawk drives?
These drives are built to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and tested with full high-definition cameras. It is put to the test with 64 cameras at the same time. They also include health management and Image Perfect firmware built-in, and a vibration sensor. This distinguishes it from a typical drive. We strongly advise using these drives in video surveillance applications because they were designed exclusively for that purpose.

How does Image Perfect and SkyHawk health management improve efficiency and durability?
When it comes to Image Perfect, you get a clear high-definition video at a zero-drop frame. SkyHawk health management, on the other hand, has three functions: prevention, intervention, and data recovery.

When it comes to prevention, it’s all about monitoring the system drive parameter. For example, the drive may be under vibration or be exposed to high temperatures. Meanwhile, intervention monitors the drive parameter with high scalability. At the same time, it makes recommendations for things like backups, and in the worst-case scenario, if the drive fails, data recovery is included as a free feature with SkyHawk drives.

What are the data recovery services that you offer?
Seagate provides a one-of-a-kind data recovery service. It’s an internal service performed in a Seagate laboratory by our engineers. In addition, a free data recovery service is available with SkyHawk drives which is applicable if the drives are purchased from their authorised distributors in the region. For a period of three years, this data recovery service is valid.

How can SV Installers register themselves for the Seagate partner programme?
The Seagate partner programme is a great way to meet new people, get training, and grow your business. It’s meant for resellers, systems integrators, and technology alliance partners.

The Skyhawk app serves as a gateway for critical data between Seagate and system integrators. It’s a single point of contact for all communication, with a unique commercial potential for any product launches and updates. Partners may also check on their warranties at the same time. They’ll be able to figure out how much storage they’ll need. The application is beneficial and has all of the necessary functions.

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