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Here’s why the UAE is seeing a rise in corporate sports events

Here’s why the UAE is seeing a rise in corporate sports events

Dubai-based fitness-wellness online portal Fit On Click says it is seeing growing demand for corporate sporting events in the country

Dubai is hosting the second edition of the Gov Games this week, even as the UAE continues with its strong push towards improving health and fitness in the country.

Corporate sports events have been becoming very popular across the country, with several tournaments lined up throughout the year.

These events have been gaining a lot of traction because the “government not only supports the importance of corporate wellness but strongly advocates it”, explains Neha Samuel, COO of Fit On Click, sports and fitness platform.

The company, which regularly organises corporate tournaments, says it has seen a strong response from firms.

There are a number of “intrinsic beneficial factors” for corporates that participate in such tournaments, says Samuel.

“These events are like hopeful escape/getaway for employees from their day to day corporate routine. Indulging employees in something they are passionate about improves their quality of life, which scientifically helps generate creativity, competitiveness and more confidence,” she states.

“All these benefits ultimately help the organisation in the long run as the employees are happier, healthier and motivated at work.”

Companies are no longer just ensuring team participation, but are now also involving their senior and higher management into these programmes.

“Senior management from companies like Aster, Medcare, Dubai Islamic Bank, Talabat, Emirates NBD, Daikin, Taqeef, ECC are not just attending these events frequently but trying their best to be part of the teams,” says Samuel.

“This creates a sense of belonging and employees feel they are a part of something bigger, and more importantly, that they are not alone. Irrespective of the team winning or losing, such participation leaves a residual value for the players and the spectators, leading to healthy conversations at the workplace.

“All this ultimately reciprocates into a kind of loyalty towards the organisation,” she adds.

Fit On Click recently held the third edition of its corporate football tournament sponsored by Dubai Islamic Bank and supported by Dubai Sports Council, which hosted 16 UAE corporates in an indoor five a side format.

Team DIB lifted the big trophy after the week-long competition, having been the champions of the previous edition.

More events are planned for the future, confirms Samuel.

“We understand the demand in the UAE for such events and hence we aim towards launching one corporate tournament every second month this year,” she says.

The ninth edition of the Fit On Click corporate cricket tournament will be launching on April 27.

“Our calendar includes four cricket, two football and one basketball tournament scheduled for 2019, further ending our year with a Corporate Carnival – inaugural edition for 110 corporates,” she adds.


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