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Helping ensure business continuity during the Covid-19 crisis

Helping ensure business continuity during the Covid-19 crisis

Micro Focus is offering a series of packages to help companies transition to new ways of working in the current environment


The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives, from how we work to how we conduct our daily lives at home with our families.

Remote working has become the new norm, and organisations – regionally and globally – are suddenly having to deal with a myriad of challenges as they struggle to support a fully dispersed workforce with limited organisational resources – all while facing an uncertain future.

IT departments are scrambling to deliver streamlined, accessible services to employees to ensure that work can continue smoothly. But a major challenge is security; remote working has dramatically altered the threat landscape as employees use a plethora of devices and applications to remain connected and productive. Businesses need to ensure protected access to all systems, while adopting strict authentication requirements and securing all communication across emails and social platforms.

In the backdrop of such disruption, organisations are enacting their business continuity plans and readjusting those plans on a continuous basis to accommodate the evolving situation.

“The rapidly-changing Covid-19 picture means one false move can seriously impact corporate performance and value,” KPMG said in a recent report. Companies have to turn things around rapidly, overcome financial difficulties and cope with distressed situations.

It is right now key for organisations to take a critical look at their processes.

“Finding ways to reimagine a business-as-usual environment that minimises disruptions for the organisation requires a fine balance,” states another report by consultancy EY.

By adopting technological solutions that optimise remote work, organisations will be able to remain flexible – not just in the current situation, but also in the future, as new forms of working emerge after the Covid-19 crisis.

In this scenario, time-sensitive and unimpeded access to technical experts is essential for companies to bolster their readiness capabilities.

As businesses transition to this new reality, Micro Focus has put together a series of packaged offerings that are designed to be rapidly deployed and help customers do everything from temporarily supplementing staff to providing 24×7 solution support in case of an emergency. The company has also adapted its offering to be delivered fully remotely with local support.

Some of the services it is offering include –

  1. Advanced authentication for remote employees

As employees move to working remotely, they need secure access to the systems required for their jobs. To help with this challenge, Micro Focus is providing an unlimited edition of NetIQ Advanced Authentication that offers multi-factor authentication for users. The Covid-19 specific licence enables the use of all advanced authentication features until July 31, 2020.

  1. Encrypt and secure remote employee email

Many employees working from home may be using unsecured email systems. To help ensure security of emails, Micro Focus is offering a 90-day trial of Voltage SecureMail. It provides internal and external email encryption and messages remain encrypted throughout their lifecycle.

  1. Protect social media and mobile communications

With staff required to collaborate virtually, Micro Focus is offering customers who have its Digital Safe platform the free use of its Social Media Governance solution for any one of their collaboration channels (MS Teams, or Skype for Business or Slack) for 90-days from engagement.

Social Media Governance simplifies the ability for companies to capture and centrally monitor social, collaborative and mobile communications, while providing controls for real-time monitoring, discovery, and capture. 

  1. Ensure scalability of critical internal and external apps

For companies, ensuring the scalability of their internal and external apps is critical to handle the unprecedented influx of online traffic. To enable companies to quickly find defects, pinpoint root-cause in real time, identify any performance issues that may arise, and ensure continuity of service, Micro Focus is providing LoadRunner Family product licences free-of-charge until July 31, 2020. 

  1. Secure remote workers’ documents and files

With greater need for more convenient file access across devices, Micro Focus is offering an unlimited licence for Micro Focus Filr, an enterprise-ready sync-and-share solution with real-time collaborative file editing capabilities for use in production until September 30, 2020. 

  1. Zero footprint web access to host applications

For users to remain productive when working from home, they need remote access to business-critical host and mainframe systems. Micro Focus is offering its Host Access for the Cloud solution at no charge until July 31, 2020.

Micro Focus is also offering Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) training solutions to help companies transition to new ways of working. ART enables companies to generate their own custom onboarding content and launch virtual training with simulation-based exercises and videos on any topic.

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