Hands-on review: HTC Vive Flow Hands-on review: HTC Vive Flow
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Hands-on review: HTC Vive Flow

Hands-on review: HTC Vive Flow

Designed with comfort and portability in mind, HTC says Vive Flow allows people to find moments of calm and well-being for themselves throughout the day


In recent years, HTC has been focusing on developing its virtual reality (VR) skills mainly for the enterprise and business sectors. In October this year, the company introduced its new VR device – HTC Vive Flow. The company describes Flow as immersive glasses positioned for entertainment, wellness and meditation.

We got the product for a hands-on review and here’s what we made of it.

HTC claims the Vive Flow to be compact and lightweight immersive glasses weighing just 189gms. The company also says that the new device helps people nurture their minds, relax and have fun on a daily basis. My first impression about it is definitely lightweight and, in fact, felt as light as a bar of chocolate. I did not feel uncomfortable wearing it – considering I don’t even wear glasses on a regular basis. The best part is that the unique hinge is designed to fit many different head shapes and sizes.

Its dual-hinge design and soft face gasket also allow it to fold down into a compact size – making it extremely portable.

The glasses also feature built-in diopter dials, allowing to easily make adjustments for clear visuals. The lenses inside are adjustable with the option to go all the way up to -6.0 for both eyes so that you don’t have to wear glasses.

Its active cooling system pulls warm air away from the face, to make it extra comfortable when worn.

The VR device is currently compatible with some Android phones, so you will have to check the HTC website to get the list of compatible mobile devices. Once you get your hands on a compatible phone, you will have to download the Vive app to access and download all the content. The Flow comes with 64GB of storage.

Immersive experience 
Once plugged in to a power source, it takes about a minute to load up and then you can access the Vive library. It’s easy to navigate using a smartphone.

Moving on to some of the tech specs, HTC Vive Flow allows an expansive 100-degree field of view for cinematic screens, with a sharp 3.2K resolution and a smooth 75 Hz refresh rate.

Featuring full 3D spatial audio, VIVE Flow delivers a clear audio experience and can also connect to external bluetooth earphones. This is particularly helpful when you want to watch a show on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar – which we hope will be in the UAE soon. I did try watching a movie and honestly felt like I was in a cinema watching it on a massive screen. For football fans, the Flow almost transports you to the field when viewed via YouTube 360 videos.

One of the most important aspects of a device is the battery life. Don’t worry you are not going to miss the climax of that murder mystery or the last goal in that match. When using a fully charged 10,000 mAh power bank, the Flow can run constantly for four to five hours. You can connect the device with a USB-C Port, and then pair it with a smartphone or a power bank.

Pricing and availability
With VR devices gradually becoming mainstream, the HTC Vive Flow is definitely one to try. It is now available for purchase with Etisalat stores and website at Dhs100 per month for 24 months.

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