Glowork And Partner To Boost Saudi Employment

Strategic partnership aims to support Saudis looking to find work.

Glowork, a Saudi Arabian female recruitment startup, has partnered with the country’s largest recruiting solutions provider,, to boost employment in the Kingdom.

Increasing the number of nationals in work is one of the key goals of the Saudi Arabian government, particularly in the private sector.

It was recently announced that the number of Saudi private sector workers had doubled to 1.5 million in the past 30 months.

Khalid AlKhudair, founder of Glowork said he expects the partnership to augment Glowork’s ability to empower women through employment.

“Together, with our collective ability and shared goal of positively impacting employment in Saudi Arabia, we have several exciting initiatives planned to transform hiring,” he said

Monis Rahman, chairman and CEO of said he expects the partnership to significantly benefit Saudi job seekers.