GITEX Future Stars: Accelerating the pace of change
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GITEX Future Stars: Accelerating the pace of change

GITEX Future Stars: Accelerating the pace of change

Artificial Intelligence, big data, augmented and mixed reality, and blockchain are disrupting how creative industries produce, distribute, and consume content


With the UAE growing as a leading community for entrepreneurs in the Middle East, GITEX Future Stars, the region’s largest tech event for startups, will help increase the region’s creative economy. The event will bring together creative tech talent from the music, fashion, arts, and sports industries. The platform is also expected to generate new opportunities for economic diversification. In addition, the Creative Economy’s most ardent entrepreneurs and investors will discuss how technology may be leveraged to change the creative industry. Furthermore, the Supernova pitch battle will also feature a dedicated Creative Economy category.

Some of the key speakers include Andrea Traverso, financial sustainability and research director, UEFA; Christian Lau, chief technology officer, Los Angeles Football Club and Banc of California Stadium; Rebecca Morter, founder and CEO, Lone Design Club, Damara Ingles, creative director of Fashion Media and Interactive Virtual Experiences, Joe Foster, founder, Reebok among others.

Recognising the game changers

The re-imagined creative economy circle will bring together the energetic change makers and tech revolutionaries from the fields of art, fashion, music, and sports. Global industry names, like The Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, ABRIESP, and Sstudio of Brazil, are a part of the Creative Economy project.


Fashion College of London and their Fashion Innovation Agency will host a curated programme featuring ten startups and dedicated content across the future of fashion, design, and sustainability. The Fashion Innovation Agency and University of the Arts London use emerging technologies to take style beyond the physical into a new era of digital experiences. Iconic names in this industry include Stylus, Forbes, Burberry, Shopify, Vogue, FashMash, The Dematerialised, Pangaia, and Save your Wardrobe.


Technology influences how athletes train and compete, how fans engage and consume content, and the latest wearables in the competitive field of sports tech. ABRIESP and Sstudio of Brazil will feature some of the disruptive startups and industry talks. Top tech sports personalities include Real Sociedad FC and Spain’s Sports Innovation Alliance.


The platform will witness some of the most prominent trailblazers, from the creation to the distribution of music lights.


Leveraging the power of technology to shape a new renaissance and renew the way people interact with art, the platform will host ten arts centred startups. Sacha Jafri, contemporary artist and the pioneer of magical realism and Guiness record holder for largest art canvas will be presenting at the event.

Digital Dubai

The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority will showcase the city’s cultural and heritage treasures at the GITEX Future Stars.

The authority will also showcase contemporary creations, under the umbrella of Digital Dubai, with the slogan “Digitising life in Dubai,” to improve local and global access to the Emirate’s cultural and natural heritage and consolidate its cultural position globally.

The authority helps other nations’ economic sectors and the cultural and creative industries that come under this category. In addition, it throws light on Dubai’s artistic vision, booming creative sector, and the solutions and advantages that the Emirate offers to its creative community.

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