France tells Iran to abide to nuclear deal
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France tells Iran to abide to nuclear deal

France tells Iran to abide to nuclear deal

The move comes days after France, Britain and Germany issued a joint statement urging Iran not to break the terms of the deal

France’s foreign ministry told a senior Iranian envoy on a visit to Paris on Tuesday that Tehran had to return to compliance to the nuclear deal and take the necessary steps to ensure the de-escalation of tensions in the Gulf.

Iran’s deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi met President Emmanuel Macron in Paris. Macron has tried, but struggled, to initiate a mediation between Tehran and Washington over tensions in the region.

“(This meeting) served to remind the Iranian president’s envoy that we expect Iran to return quickly in accordance with its commitments under the Vienna Agreement and to take the necessary steps to engage in an essential de-escalation,” the French foreign ministry said in a statement.

Araghchi was the chief Iranian negotiator for the 2015 nuclear pact under which Iran agreed to curtail its atomic programme in return for relief from economic sanctions.

Earlier this month, France, Britain and Germany said in a joint statement that following renewed sanctions by the United States on Iran, and Iran’s decision to no longer respect some of its obligations, the deal signed four years ago could collapse.


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