Five reasons why every company must have their trademark registered in the UAE  Five reasons why every company must have their trademark registered in the UAE 
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Five reasons why every company must have their trademark registered in the UAE 

Five reasons why every company must have their trademark registered in the UAE 

A registered trademark effectively safeguards the brand from counterfeit and helps business owners gain the trust of consumers

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Introducing a new brand into a highly competitive market such as the UAE comes with a unique set of challenges that brand owners need to tackle effectively. Constant changes in the market, in technologies and in consumer behaviour are prompting businesses to come up with fresh brand development strategies to stand out from their competitors. Protecting the brand’s value through trademark registration in Dubai is key – irrespective of the nature of the business.

A registered trademark effectively safeguards the brand from competitors and counterfeit and helps business owners gain the trust of consumers. Here we critically analyse why trademark protection must be the top consideration while developing a brand strategy for your business.

1. Trademarks create brand recognition

A registered trademark helps customers instantly recognise your brand from amidst a deluge of identical products or services in the market. Consumers can read your company’s values or messages through a registered brand name or logo that leaves an indelible impression in their minds. A trademark registered in the UAE communicates a clear message to customers about the brand owner, the company’s reputation, products and services. Just think of how we easily relate to the name, design and logos of big brands such as McDonald’s or Starbucks.

2. Makes it easy for customers to reach you

Trademarks are important for SMEs to gain an upper hand in the market, as consumers have a wide range of choices in a highly dynamic market like Dubai. For instance, if you are introducing a sportswear brand to the Dubai market, you will be facing giants such Nike and Adidas. While not all customers go for big brands, you may still face competition from other small businesses. However, you can still make a profit if you manage to establish a rapport with your niche customers. By registering your brand in the UAE, you can make sure that customers have a recall value with your name.

3. Helps attract investors 

Startups often commit the error of skipping trademark registration in the UAE by believing that brand registration makes sense only for big companies. Trademark agents in Dubai often meet entrepreneurs who say: ‘We are just starting out, we will consider it after getting some investment’. Such entrepreneurs miss out on the fact that a registered trademark is key for attracting potential investors.

In fact, it will be difficult for startups to convince potential investors to invest in their companies if they have not registered with the UAE Trademark Office. The lack of a registered trademark may prompt investors to assume that the entrepreneur has not yet thought about the future of the startup. Consult with approved trademark agents in Dubai before you venture out to scout for potential investors.

4. Stops counterfeit 

Trademark registration in the UAE is not a mandatory requirement, but it is highly recommended as failing to register your brands would give an opportunity for competitors to exploit your value. Trademarks determine the identity of a company, but your competitors can steal that identity by creating similar names or making counterfeit products under your brand name. They can create confusion among customers by creating brand names or logos that are similar to yours. In this way, competitors can make an unfair profit at the expense of your valued brands.

While you can stop the infringement by asking the companies to withdraw a similar name or logo, your trademarks must be registered with the UAE Trademark Office to initiate litigation.

5. A company’s greatest asset

Trademarks are the greatest assets a company can possess. A trademark’s value increases as the business matures or expands. The trademarks will be of immense value when a business is planning the following:

a)      Diversification of products or services

b)      Franchising through licencing

c)       Selling the company

Under UAE law, expatriate brand owners are required to register their trademarks only through trademark agents in the country. Only trademark agents have access to the official gazette in which trademarks are published. Businesses must hire renowned and credible trademark agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP), to effectively safeguard their brands. As an experienced IP service firm in Dubai, JIP ensures that your trademarks are adequately protected in the UAE as well as other GCC countries.

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