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Five Minutes With…Rohini Gehani, CEO, Rivaage Boutique

Five Minutes With…Rohini Gehani, CEO, Rivaage Boutique

As the world gets smaller individuals have more access to designers and couture items, says Rivaage Boutique founder.

What is Rivaage Boutique focusing on for 2013?
We are always on the lookout for unique brands that we can carry in our stores. In 2013 we are set to open our first store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This is a really important market for us, with huge growth potential.

Where are the future growth sectors in the couture design industry?
I believe with the world getting smaller and individuals having more access, the couture industry can only get more specialized with everyone having their “look”. Clients who want couture have direct access to the designers, and the customer that wants off the rack retail has that already.

How does your financial experience at PwC and degree from London School of Economics benefit you in this industry?
This is one of my biggest assets; understanding the financials of the business is crucial. This way I can make informed decisions without having to consult my finance team on an on going basis.

Proudest moment to date with the business?
Proudest moment recently was when I was offered my first franchise. This happened on the 1st month of operation – that was an extremely proud moment.

Define your success in five words
I enjoy what I do!

Three tips for becoming the boss
1. Maintaining a good balance – when you show you are happy and enjoy what you do, everyone will follow.
2. Aspiring team effort.
3. Aspiring discipline.

When you’re not at work you like to…

Be at home with my kids.


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