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Fitbit brings Deepak Chopra’s mindful sessions to its wellness catalogue

Fitbit brings Deepak Chopra’s mindful sessions to its wellness catalogue

Deepak Chopra will guide users through wellness techniques via audio and video sessions


Fitbit is teaming up with Deepak Chopra for wellness sessions for its premium users.

Chopra’s “Mindful Method” features audio and video sessions led by the wellness guru on themes such as mindfulness, sleep, stress management, mental wellness and the mind-body connection.

Stress is more prevalent than ever during the pandemic with adults in the U.S. reporting the highest rate of mental health concerns like stress, anxiety and sadness from March 2020 to May 2020.

More than one-third of people across the globe report physical and mental side effects of stress, which if unmanaged over time, can lead to negative health effects such as headaches, increased risk of cardiac disease, obesity and depression. Using mindfulness to manage emotional wellbeing through practices like meditation and breathing exercises has been shown to relieve stress, improve sleep, and can be used to treat disorders such as depression and anxiety.

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Mindful Method launches with 10 audio and video sessions, including guided meditations, sessions to prepare for restful sleep, and techniques to help cultivate happiness.

The new collection expands the existing mindfulness and stress management offerings from Fitbit. With more than half a million paid members in more than 40 countries worldwide, Premium contains numerous tools to motivate users to work out, manage stress, sleep better and eat well with guided programs, analytics, personal insights and health metrics.

“Partnering with Deepak Chopra is a natural fit as we are both committed to giving people the guidance and support that they need to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing, especially as we continue to persevere through the stressful, uncertain times that we are living in,” said James Park, VP, GM and co-founder of Fitbit.

Fitbit Premium is available for Dhs40 per month or Dhs330 per year; a free 90-day trial is available to users who are new or returning to Premium.


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