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Feminism is not ‘criminal offence’ in Saudi Arabia – officials

Feminism is not ‘criminal offence’ in Saudi Arabia – officials

Saudi’s presidency of State Security issued a clarification following an erroneous promotional video that was broadcast last week

Saudi Arabia’s presidency of State Security has offered a clarification regarding the ‘extremism concept’ video issued last week, local media reported.

The content of the promotional video, released by the General Department for Counter-Extremism, was inaccurate and contained multiple errors in defining ‘extremism’, the statement said.

The presidency assured of concrete steps being taken to ensure such mistakes are not repeated, adding that the person who created and published the video acted on his own accord.

The presidency also clarified an article – published in local daily newspaper Al-Watan on November 11 – that read “heavy punishment will be imposed on feminists, including jail time and flogging”, disregarding its contents as untrue, the statement added.

The Saudi Human Rights Commission tweeted regarding the kingdom’s stance on the importance of women’s rights.


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