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Expat oil workers in Kuwait end strike

Expat oil workers in Kuwait end strike

The strike by more than 1,000 workers began on Monday

More than 1,200 expat oil workers in Kuwait have reportedly returned to work after downing tools over unpaid allowances.

The strike by the men, who are contractors on a Kuwait Oil Company project site in Rawdatain in the country’s north, began on Monday.

Kuwait Times reports that the strike ended yesterday after the Ministry of Labour’s Public Authority for Manpower convinced the workers to return to work following an agreement from the company to pay them their dues.

Industrial action including strikes and work stoppages is illegal for expats in the country.

Deputy general manager for manpower protection Abdullah Al-Mutawteh said the authority sent three staff to resolve the issue on Tuesday morning.

“The company employing these workers promised to agree to all demands of the workers. The authority will follow up this case to make sure that the company fulfills its promises in order to protect the rights of the workers, and on the other hand organise the labour market,” he said, according to the publication.

Last month, Kuwaiti oil and gas workers temporarily cut the country’s crude production with a three-day strike over proposed cuts to their salaries and benefits


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