Emirates Plane Causes Scare In Melbourne After Smoke Emerges From Tyres

Engineers found the smoke to be the result of a common occurrence caused by a warm tyre, the airline said.

An Emirates plane landing at Melbourne Airport on Thursday morning created a scare after smoke was noticed emerging from its tyres.

The flight, EK406, was travelling from Dubai and was due to touch down at Tullamarine Airport at 7.30am when the smoke was noticed.

According to reports firefighters rushed to the scene, and all the passengers disembarked safely.

An EK spokesperson said, “Emirates this morning has issued an ‘all clear’ in response to reports of smoke coming from the tyres of EK406 landing at Tullamarine Airport on Thursday 20 February 2014.

“As a precautionary measure, Emirates held the aircraft at the end of the runway and dispatched engineers to inspect the aircraft.

“The engineers undertook a thorough check and found the smoke to be the result of a common occurrence caused by a warm tyre which has not been in motion in the air, making contact with the runway.

“The aircraft was thoroughly checked and cleared to taxi to terminal and has departed as usual on its route to Auckland.”

The incident follows a suspected arson attack on an Etihad flight travelling from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi earlier this week.

Multiple fires set off smoke alarms on the plane and it was diverted to Jakarta, Indonesia. No-one was injured during the incident.

According to reports, 12 passengers have been detained in Abu Dhabi for investigation.

“A comprehensive investigation into the incidents on-board … is still underway,” Etihad said in a statement.

“The aircraft was searched and released shortly after arrival at Abu Dhabi when it was confirmed it was safe to do so.”