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Emirates On The Lookout For Asia’s Qantas

Emirates On The Lookout For Asia’s Qantas

The Dubai airline’s long-term strategy “embraces opportunity,” states Emirates president Tim Clark.

Dubai-based Emirates is ready to collaborate with carriers in Asia if the opportunity presents itself, according to president Tim Clark.

“If we come across an airline which has the chemistry and vision that Qantas has, then maybe we would,” he said.

“The business of model of Emirates, despite what we say about alliances and structure of civil aviation, is essentially an open one – it embraces opportunity; fleet of foot is something we’re very good at doing here.”

His remarks followed the official launch of the Emirates-Qantas global partnership on Monday, which is expected to boost business and leisure traffic between Australia and seven Middle Eastern cities. (Watch: VIDEO: Emirates, Qantas A380s In Sydney Flyover)

Passengers and shippers now have more convenient access between all key Australian cities and Dubai, Bahrain, Amman, Muscat, Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh – routes served by Emirates and now covered by the joint codeshare agreement.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the partnership makes long-haul travel seamless and faster “for millions of Australians” and the two airlines now offer 98 flights a week between Dubai and Australia.

Qantas stands to benefit most northbound, as it will dovetail with Emirates’ strong network on the continent, and the two will partner closest in the UK, where the codeshare covers both London airports, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle.

“My own view is that when this beds down and starts to work as a well-oiled machine . . . the income coming out of all the points will grow at quite a significant rate,” said Clark.

Not that Emirates’ profile in Australia is any less significant, and this is where Emirates aims to scoop up more connecting domestic traffic.

“If we take Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, we’re encouraging all customers to travel on Emirates flights into Dubai and onto Europe,” added Joyce.

Joyce said the Australian regulator has approved the partnership on the competitive Trans-Tasman routes.

“We’re just waiting on the New Zealand authorities and we’re hopeful that will come through soon.

That will enable us to co-ordinate activity on Australia-New Zealand routes,” he said.

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