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Emirates On Recruitment Drive

Emirates On Recruitment Drive

Flagship airline group seeks to recruit more nationals and promote Emiratis into management roles.


The Emirates Group has expanded its hiring criteria to include unlimited, qualified UAE candidates in key management roles.

The group, expanding upon its commitment to provide job opportunities and careers to Emiratis, has broadened the net in its search for future cabin crew.

“The United Arab Emirates has a long history, one with which the Emirates Group is intrinsically linked. The Emirates Group knows that its future success must be aligned with the integration of UAE nationals into all levels of the organisation,” said Abdulaziz Al Ali, executive vice president of human resources at Emirates.

“Under the guidance of His Highness Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Emirates solidifies its commitment to the career development of promising UAE citizens.”

It is Emirates’ goal to include more UAE nationals in cabin crew management; therefore, not only supporting the career progression of local Emiratis, but also providing continuity between Emirates award-winning service and the UAE culture.

With an emphasis on UAE’s warm hospitality, the cabin crew role will provide an opportunity for Emirati men and women to act as global ambassadors of the distinct Emirati culture.

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