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Emirates Loto to help 180,000 people in UAE; two participants win Dhs500,000 in recent draw

Emirates Loto to help 180,000 people in UAE; two participants win Dhs500,000 in recent draw

Emirates Loto will support community charity drive, Stop and Help, by providing groceries to 180,000 people across the UAE via its logistics partner Choithrams


Emirates Loto will support the community charity drive, Stop and Help, by feeding 180,000 people in the UAE, via its partnership with Choithrams, which will provide groceries to those in need.

Stop and Help says that as of June 25, there are over 3,000 families across the country in need of groceries, and over 400 mothers who are awaiting delivery of their newborn babies before September of this year.

Stop and Help is a community initiative that matches people in need with people who can help them.

Every day, Stop and Help receives around 170 new ‘kindness givers’ to help others via its initiative.

Stop and Help’s mission is to help bring equality of opportunity for all children in the UAE, advocacy and support for mental health through education and access to medical care, help for pregnant women and their children and to enable access to vaccinations, education and the opportunity to return to home countries when needed.

“It is fantastic that Emirates Loto has stepped in with generous support of our drive for kindness. There are high numbers of families across the Emirates who are in need of essential grocery deliveries to simply survive the current tough times,” said Heather Harries, founder of Stop and Help.

Emirates Loto’s fatwa-approved weekly lottery has a current jackpot prize of Dhs50m.

In the live lottery held on July 4, two people won Dhs500,000 each after they split the Dhs1m prize for matching five of six chosen numbers.

There were 263 participants who matched four out of six numbers and hence won Dhs300 each, while 4,828 people won a free entry to a future draw when they matched three of the six numbers.

The numbers drawn on July 4 were 10, 20, 21, 24, 26, and 34.

The next live draw will be held Saturday, July 11.

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