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Emirates flight attendant accused of stealing money from passengers

Emirates flight attendant accused of stealing money from passengers

The crew member is alleged to have taken the money after the men left their seats when their father became ill

An Emirates flight attendant is facing a potential jail sentence in Dubai after being accused of stealing more than $5,000 from two Emirati brothers, according to reports.

Dubai Criminal Court heard that the siblings had accompanied their mother and father on a trip to Thailand where the latter underwent medical treatment, The National reported.

The attendant was accused of stealing Dhs9,000 ($2,450) and another $2,600 from the two after they left their seats on the June 21 flight after they left their seats to attend to their ill father.

The men, aged 43 and 35, reported the stealing of their money to flight attendants and called the police when the plane landed.

“My father felt tired and my brother and I went to him on business class leaving our belongings, including the wallets, back on our seats. Then we returned to find the money missing,” the 35-year-old brother was quoted as saying.

Police searched the plane and found no evidence of the theft but a fingerprint on a Dhs100 note that remained in one of the wallets was found to be the flight attendant’s.

He was later arrested and admitted his wrongdoing after being presented with the evidence, an Emirati police officer said.

The attendant admitted he flushed the money down a toilet at Dubai International Airport after becoming scared when police were called, according to the report.

However, he denied theft in court.

The next hearing is scheduled for November 11.


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