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Dubai’s Ruler Says UAE Will Achieve Ambitious Goals

Dubai’s Ruler Says UAE Will Achieve Ambitious Goals

HH Sheikh Mohammed spoke about the Arab Spring, leadership and life.

“We want to be on par with the most developed countries of the world,” said Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as he launched the inaugural Government Summit 2013 in Dubai. Addressing the massive crowd, he assured that the UAE was committed to its 2012 vision to achieve this goal.

In a unique and candid session, Sheikh Mohammed also answered a series of questions put forth by people from around the world, dealing with varied topics such as the Arab Spring impact, leadership, his achievements and his hobbies.

“My nation and I, we always try to be the first, because no-one remembers the second,” he said, addressing the first question of why he insists on being number one.

When asked if the UAE had benefitted from the Arab Spring, he emphasised that it was not the case. “We received about Dhs30 billion from Arab Spring countries, but we have invested much higher in them,” Sheikh Mohammed said, adding that in terms of tourism, none of the Arab Spring countries formed part of the UAE’s 10 strategic nations.

Admitting that he recognised signs of a possible revolution in the Arab region way back in 2004, he said that he had advised leaders ­- “change or you will be changed.”

“The world will change. People need dignity and government expenditures have to benefit people,” he said.

However, he refused to comment on the existing situation.

“I can’t judge on current governments or revolutions. I hope Arab nations will achieve prosperity, peace and progress,” he said.

On a personal level, Sheikh Mohammed stressed that he led a simple life, while dedicating significant time to pursuing his hobbies of horse riding and poetry.

Speaking about his achievements, he said that while he was happy with what had been done so far, he was never satisfied. “ My limit is the sky…If you have a long-term vision, it only gets broader as you keep learning from your mistakes,” he said.

“The word impossible was invented by people with limits.”

Taking risks and confronting challenges are part of life, he advised, and urged leaders to be innovative and determined.

“I overcame the challenges in life by through persistence and positive power,” he said, adding that UAE founder Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan was one of his biggest role models.

“Always put your faith in God and be confident. Those determined can reach their ultimate goal,” Sheikh Mohammed added.

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