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Dubai’s Ruler Confident Of Hosting The “Best”- Ever World Expo

Dubai’s Ruler Confident Of Hosting The “Best”- Ever World Expo

The UAE is ready to host an unforgettable World Expo 2020, says Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The UAE is ready to host the World Expo and will present an astounding event, Dubai’s ruler and the UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has promised.

Tweeting after the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) assembly in Paris where all the competing countries had to present their bids, Sheikh Mohammed said: “I’m optimistic as usual and our team gave an excellent presentation. Never was Expo held in the Middle East, Africa or Southeast Asia before. We expect 25 million visitors to this global event.

“Our region deserves the chance to organise this great world exhibition. Our country is ready to host it.

“We will keep our promise in connecting great minds to build a better future and we will organise the best event in the history of World Expo,” he wrote.

The race to host the Expo 2020 has now become more intense, with the BIE rejecting the bid by Thailand’s Ayutthaya.

Dubai now faces competition from Sao Paulo in Brazil, Yekaterinburg in Russia and Izmir in Turkey.

In a longer article entitled “Why we want to host the world in 2020” Sheikh Mohammed highlighted that the nation wanted to deliver three important messages.

“Our first message is to tell the world that the Middle East is not a region of conflict, war and tension. Its history and geography prove that this is a region where cultures, civilisations and innovation can meet and flourish,” he wrote.

“We are at the heart of the world…We are destined to be a meeting point for mankind and a melting pot for cultures and civilisations that will provide humanity with amazing innovations.”

“Our second message is to the people of our region who are tired of conflict and tension. We tell them that we have a culture, a religion and a language in common: if communication among different cultures can bring about a better future, imagine what it could do for us with all our commonalities…. We have always wanted to establish connections, real connections, to build a better future for the people of our region, and its youth in particular.

“Our last message is to the governments representing the 166 countries that will vote next November to choose the winning host country for Expo 2020. We tell them that our region deserves the chance to organise this great world exhibition, that our country is ready to host it and that we are committed to staging the best Expo in history.

“When we proposed to host the world’s biggest cultural event, we promised to astonish the world. Today we pledge to breathe life into our slogan: we will bring minds together for a better future,” Sheikh Mohammed wrote.


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