Dubai ruler orders allocation of 10,000 land plots for Emiratis

Each community has mosques, schools, public parks and retail shops

UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has ordered the allocation of three new residential communities totaling 10,000 land plots to Emiratis in Dubai.

The distribution of the plots to Emirati citizens who have obtained approval from the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MHRE) will start soon.

“We have ordered the allocation of new land plots as part of promoting the wellbeing and prosperity of Emirati citizens in Dubai. The new residential communities will feature all essential infrastructure,” Sheikh

The residential communities include the 2,256-hectare ‘Al Ruwayyah 3rd’ comprising 8,426 plots, the 232-hectare ‘Wadi Shabak’ comprising 1,315 land plots and the 59-hectare ‘Area 3 in Mushrif comprising 349 land plots.

Each community has mosques, schools, public parks and retail shops.

The land plots have an area of 1,115 square metres each.

A new decree approved by Sheikh Mohammed in February allows Emiratis to sell land and houses granted to them in Dubai if they own another plot or the grant does not meet their requirements.

The purpose of the sale must be to buy another house or plot of land and the sale should be supervised by MHRE.

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Sheikh Mohammed announced the UAE’s commitment in February to provide Dhs7.2bn ($1.96bn) of new homes for citizens over the next three years including 7,270 residences across the UAE’s seven emirates.

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