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Dubai officials confirm 800 cases of food poisoning this year

Dubai officials confirm 800 cases of food poisoning this year

The Municipality has launched a new campaign to increase awareness on food storage

Up to 800 cases of food poisoning were reported in Dubai during the first half of this year, Dubai Municipality has stated.

While 180 cases were linked to salmonella infections, 26 were due to salmonella enteritidis infections – whichare generally caused by unsafe egg products, officials said.

Some of the cases were reported among tourists and could have been caused by food eaten abroad.

However, improper storage and refrigeration of foods – especially during the summer – was identified as one of the main reasons for poisoning.

To increase awareness about the issue, the municipality launched a week-long campaign on September 3 called ‘Together for Food Safety’ to focus on the right consumption and storage of egg-based products.

The focus on eggs came after a survey found that the majority of food-borne illnesses were linked to egg-based products.

Officials urged people to avoid storing eggs in compartments on the doors of the refrigerator since they will be exposed to warm air every time the door is opened. Instead, eggs should be stored in the main compartment – which remains colder.

Consumers were also advised to choose fresh eggs when buying from supermarkets and opt to buy local produce.

Municipality officials also said that they conduct regular inspections at supermarkets and hypermarkets to ensure that fresh produce is stored correctly and compliant with safety regulations.


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