Dubai Municipality completes first phase of 50km mountain-bike track in Mushrif National Park
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Dubai Municipality completes first phase of 50km mountain-bike track in Mushrif National Park

Dubai Municipality completes first phase of 50km mountain-bike track in Mushrif National Park

The first phase has a 20km three-metre-wide track with a capacity to accommodate over 3,000 cyclists per day

Dubai Mushrif National Park

The Dubai Municipality has completed the first phase of a project to create a 50km mountain bike track in the Mushrif National Park.

The first phase of the project, which has been completed, spans 20km (green and blue track). The second phase will add another 30km to the project (red track).

The cycling track is graded by various colours, based on international standards and specifications. Green represents a simple trail that suits beginner cyclists. Blue represents a moderately challenging path suitable for intermediate cyclists and mountain bikers with basic skills. Red is used to mark a tougher trail that is suitable for highly skilled mountain bikers. Black is used to designate an extremely challenging path which is reserved for expert cyclists with the high levels of fitness needed to ride these difficult paths.

In its first phase, the track features three crossing bridges. On completion, the entire project will include a total of 10 bridges.

The first phase of the winding track, which is three meters wide, has the capacity to accommodate more than 3,000 cyclists per day. The track starts from a designated area next to the main gate of the Park and ends at the same point, with three quick-return lanes.

A digital map of the tracks will be available for cyclists to share their location and track the route. A total of 124 signage boards have also been installed for easy navigation of the route.

Set amidst the park’s lush 442 hectare forest that features 70,000 trees, the mountain bike track has reportedly been designed and constructed according to the highest international standards, safety specifications and technical guidelines.

“The mountain bike track meets the highest global benchmarks and has been built to align with the terrain of the area and meet the requirements of both amateur and professional users. The project will support Dubai’s broader effort to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in the emirate,” said Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality.

In related cycling news from the city, Dubai Ride, one of the highlights of Dubai Fitness Challenge, is all set to return to Sheikh Zayed Road on November 5, 2021, which will offer cyclists the opportunity to pedal along Dubai’s main traffic artery. The 14 km general route for those aged 10 and over will start and finish at five locations around Sheikh Zayed Road and Lower Financial Centre Road.

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