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Dubai Issues Regulations For Upcoming Tramway System

Dubai Issues Regulations For Upcoming Tramway System

New resolution details fines for punishable traffic violations once tramway is operational.

New regulations overseeing Dubai’s upcoming tramway system have been issued by Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Resolution No. (1) of 2014 highlights the responsibilities of the different governmental bodies in the operation of the tramway system and also outlines fines for traffic violations.

Under the resolution, the Rail Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will take charge of putting forward necessary policies of planning, developing and overseeing the project, official news agency WAM reported.

It is also mandated with setting standardisation, technical requirements and performance measures for the tramway infrastructure including the issuance of permits and will be responsible for certifying qualified contractors, consultants and tramway service operators affiliated with the project.

The RTA’s Traffic & Roads Agency is mandated with certifying route designs, tramway operation tracks, traffic control systems and ensuring a streamlined flow of traffic in areas that intersect with roads.

“The implementation of the tramway system designs will take into consideration the safety of pedestrians, vehicle drivers and tramway users,” the report said.

The resolution also outlines fines for punishable traffic violations. A driver crossing a red traffic light at the intersection area with the tramway, causing an accident that leads to the death of a person, will face a fine of between Dhs10,000 and Dhs30,000 and have his/her license revoked for a period ranging between 30 days and one year.

If the accident leads to injuries, penalities include a fine of between Dhs5,000 and Dhs15,000 with the license revoked for a maximum of six months.

Only crossing a red traffic light without causing an accident is also punishable with a fine ranging between Dhs2,000 and Dhs5,000 in addition to revoking the driver’s license up to three months.

“The tramway system will help alleviate traffic congestion, promote the use of public transport and play a role in supporting economic development in the emirate,” the WAM report said.

The Dubai Tram, which begins its first trial run on January 26, is scheduled to start operations in November 2014.

In the first phase, 11 trains, covering a distance of 10.6km, will serve 11 stations.

In the second phase, another four kilometres of tramway will be added, and a total of 25 trams will be served by 17 stations. The system is expected to carry 66,000 commuters per day in 2020.


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