Dubai extends maternity leave for police, immigration officers

Female workers are entitled to 90 days of leave after the birth of their child

Dubai has granted new maternity leave rights to female workers in its police, civil defence and immigration forces.

The new law issued by Ruler of Dubai and Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, guarantees a two-hour breastfeeding break for women officers at the beginning or end of their shift and gives them new leave privileges.

Female officers are entitled to 90 days of paid leave after the birth of their child and can apply for the leave as much as 30 days before their due date assuming the leave is continuous. This can be combined with normal leave provided the total does not exceed 120 days.

The medical committee can sanction an additional three months of leave if there are any medical complications with the birth.

Women officers can also apply for sick leave if a miscarriage occurs before their 24th week of pregnancy. If miscarriage occurs after 24 weeks or the child is stillborn the officer can receive 60 days of leave.

If the child is born with a disability the mother can obtain one year of paid leave provided she receives approval from the medical committee. The director general can add a further six months of paid leave on top of this.

The new law is in line with a similar decree in April that entitles all female Dubai government workers to 90 days of maternity leave

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