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Dubai Expo 2020 Win: Reactions From The Tech Sector

Dubai Expo 2020 Win: Reactions From The Tech Sector

Innovation has been an integral part of Dubai’s Expo 2020 bid, and experts say the win will boost the local technology sector.

Samer Abu Ltaif, regional general manager, Microsoft Gulf

“It comes as no surprise that Dubai has won its bid for Expo 2020. As a city that is built on innovation, creativity and originality, Dubai embodies the historic spirit of the Expo, and under the theme of “Connecting minds, Creating the future’ I am certain that the event will bring people together and inspire them to meet, discuss and create.”

Jonathan Labin, head of the Middle East, Africa & Pakistan, Facebook

“All the hard work and perseverance finally paid off and we are delighted with Dubai’s win of the Expo 2020 bid. The people of the UAE, both nationals and expats, were all united behind Dubai and expressed their support perfectly well, especially on Facebook. It is yet another tale of success to be told about Dubai, and I am sure the planning that will lead up to Expo 2020 will be as exciting for everyone in the country.”

Peng Xiongji, general manager, Huawei UAE

“Complemented by a strong government mandate for encouraging technology innovation on the local level, an event like the Dubai Expo 2020 will not only accelerate the deployment of ICT infrastructure locally, but also open up a host of new multinational investment opportunities as part of that development.”

Dadkarim Mulla, co-founder, Amodoria

“The announcement of the Expo 2020 comes at a time when a resurgent Dubai is finding its feet again as a city of endless opportunities and unprecedented growth. For the luxury lifestyle and technology industry, Expo 2020 will prove to be an exciting time for the industry to capitalise on, as it prepares for a monumental event coming to the region.

“This does not only present an opportunity in making Dubai an exemplar for innovation but for new and existing companies to sell and develop lifestyle technology products that are growing in demand.”


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