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Dubai businessman urges Trump to ‘fix issues’ instead of fighting media

Dubai businessman urges Trump to ‘fix issues’ instead of fighting media

Khalaf Al Habtoor has also urged media outlets to focus on the “positive”

Dubai businessman Khalaf Al Habtoor has urged US President Donald Trump to focus on ‘fixing’ problems in his country rather than fighting with the media.

In a three-minute video, the chairman of the Al Habtoor Group also urged media outlets to avoid “negativity” and focus on reporting positive news.

“Everyday there is negativity on the TV and unfortunately it is based on facts. The media is simply reporting it,” he said.

“For example, on MSNBC, the US President was referred to as a pathological liar. It is not acceptable but unfortunately he created it. I cannot blame them. The media is reacting to Trump’s vile attack who called them the enemy of the American people. Rather than hitting on the media for highlighting problems, the focus of the US President should be on fixing these issues,” Al Habtoor said.

“Freedom of speech is not selective. As the commander-in-chief, your first priority is to protect the American constitution, which should be respected by everybody,” he added, addressing Trump.

The US President has been engaged in a public spate with several media outlets since his election, accusing them of reporting “fake news”. He uses his Twitter account to constantly deride specific newspapers and TV stations and has also hinted at plans of tightening media freedom.

“With his offensive approach, Donald Trump is creating enemies of the international and American media such as CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, BBC and The Guardian. Not only that, even [with] the people of the world – the Europeans, the British, the Arabs etc,” said Al Habtoor.

“Unfortunately, the world cannot afford America’s negativity to spread as a result of this. Whether we like it or not, America’s stability is needed to keep the world balanced.

“In these dark days, it is time for the media to lead in finding and focusing on the positive and to forget about the negativity and to encourage the leader of the world to realign his thinking for the benefit of us all,” he added.

Al Habtoor, an outspoken critic of Trump, has previously dubbed him a “loose cannon” and “Islam’s biggest enemy”.

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Trump is a loose cannon – senior Dubai businessman

In a recent editorial, Al Habtoor said Trump’s policies ignite fear and loathing.

“Donald Trump the businessman was impressive. Reality star Trump equally so, but I fear the journey he is taking us on as President of the United States and Leader of the Free World,” he wrote.

“I am all for giving him a chance, but after reviewing his statements on a variety of issues, regretfully I am not optimistic. Does he imagine his selfish “America First” goals will not go unanswered?,” he added.


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