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Dubai buildings to be given star ratings

Dubai buildings to be given star ratings

A new system being developed by the emirate’s land department aims to simplify rental and service charge calculations

Properties in Dubai will be subject to a new star rating system under plans announced by the emirate’s land department.

Gulf News cited a DLD statement as confirming the move. It said Dubai’s buildings will be assigned a rating out of five based on 60 requirements.

The system is part of a complete overhaul of the emirate’s building classification system being undertaken by the Technical Affairs Department.

So far it has mapped out 20,000 plots, with a total of 120,000 units to be put through the process including apartments, offices, retail units, schools and public areas.

The process will see each building assigned to an inspector, who will conduct a survey by visiting every floor and taking pictures of the common areas. They will then fill out a 60-point questionnaire listing all the units and floors in the building.

Once complete, the building will be assigned a star rating based on the questionnaire, with the results available via an online system.

This will offer a more detailed calculation method for rental and service charge increases and simplify the Ejari system, the publication cited DLD as saying.


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