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Dubai-based private equity business launches $250m healthcare fund

Dubai-based private equity business launches $250m healthcare fund

TVM Capital Healthcare will use the fund to make investments in areas including cancer, mental health and metabolic diseases

TVM Capital Healthcare Partners, a Dubai-based private equity business, has launched a $250m fund to invest in areas ranging from cancer to pharmaceuticals in markets including the Gulf, Turkey, Egypt, India and Singapore, a senior executive told Reuters.

The company plans to make the investments over the next two years, with the first deal scheduled to close in the second half of 2018, said Charles Floe, operating partner.

TVM Capital Healthcare has targeted markets it thinks offer accelerated growth in healthcare development and spending, underpinned by some of the fastest growing economies.

“We think this is a fantastic time to invest as over the next four to six years we see the macro environment for healthcare in our chosen target markets as very positive and with relative stability in regulations and geopolitics, the opportunities we see in the healthcare industry will play themselves out,” he said.

TVM Capital Healthcare has to date led investments close to $150m, mainly in the Gulf, in areas including long-term care, rehabilitation, home care, fertility treatment and medical devices.

The new fund will aim to deploy the capital, which it plans to raise from global and regional investors, through 10 to 12 investments in areas including cancer, mental health, metabolic diseases, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and laboratories, said Floe.


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