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Dubai-based Emirates Investment Bank appoints interim CEO

Dubai-based Emirates Investment Bank appoints interim CEO

Former CEO Khaled Sifri resigned from his role in May

Dubai-based Emirates Investment Bank (EIBank) has appointed Imad Bou Khouzam, currently chief financial officer, as interim chief executive officer, it announced on Sunday.

His appointment comes after the resignation of Khaled Sifri from his role as CEO in May. Sifri joined the Dubai-based bank in 2008.

Khouzam joined EIBank as chief financial officer in 2017, where he leads the finance, operations and IT departments.

He previously worked with Standard Chartered Bank as well as with Scotiabank, Metropolitan Bank S.A.L, Price Waterhouse Management Consultants and KPMG.

EIBank recently revealed that a 31.5 per cent drop in its net profit for 2018 to reach Dhs38.71m. Operating income also fell 21 per cent to Dhs136m, while total assets under management decreased 7.97 per cent to Dhs9.69bn.


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