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Du Retracts Fee Hike On Service Packages After Twitter Outrage

Du Retracts Fee Hike On Service Packages After Twitter Outrage

Du customers have now been given an option to unsubscribe from the automatically upgraded home service package within three months.


UAE telecoms operator Du has announced a three-month grace period for users to opt out of its updated and more expensive home service packages after the move sparked an outrage on Twitter among the telco’s subscribers.

Du had earlier announced an automatic upgrade of its ‘Talk, Surf and Watch’ and ‘Talk and Surf’ packages with a hike in fees. The upgraded home service packages were said to have improved features including free local calls and international minutes along with movie on demand services.

The basic package fee of ‘Talk and Surf’ has increased from Dhs199 to Dhs275 while ‘Talk, Surf and Watch’ has been priced at Dhs335.

Du said that subscribers will be automatically switched to the new packages from September 1, sparking an outrage among customers on Twitter. Du further upset customers after it responded to a tweet saying users could cancel their accounts if they did not want to subscribe anymore. The operator later apologised for the message.

Also, since the UAE has a clear distribution of services between Etisalat and Du, users don’t have an option to switch between the telecoms providers.

Following heightened confusion and a spate of negative publicity, Du modified the move, stating that existing users can opt out of the updated packages within the three-month period beginning from September 1 and return to their existing packages.

However, despite the clarification, customers continue to raise concerns on Twitter about why the operator switched their packages without receiving prior consent.

Du has requested over Twitter that customers get in touch via private massages for details regarding the changes.


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