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How To Dress For Success

How To Dress For Success

A well-tailored suit, crisp white shirt and polished shoes are dress essentials, according to Bong Guerrero, founder & CEO of Fashion Forward

The most important rule, regardless of the occasion you are dressing for, is to be comfortable in your outfit of choice. A restrictive collar or button- strainingly tight shirt will not only undermine your overall look, but will make you feel self-conscious.

Your clothing should be an extension of your personality, and blend seamlessly with the image you are trying to project. In business, you want to be remembered for your input and ideas, not your ill-fitting suit.


Don’t allow your clothing to let you down in a job interview situation. While it is unlikely someone would hire you solely for your choice of attire, if your outfit is off-key it could become the lasting first impression on your prospective employer.

In an interview, keep things simple. Muted tones with clean lines look professional and understated. And yes, while wearing a vibrant tie or clashing socks might feel like you are injecting personality into your look, the interviewer could miss out on your perfectly crafted answers whilst trying to decipher the eclectic pattern on your half Windsor.


A well-tailored suit is never going to look out of place in a work environment, whether you’re putting together fashion models or financial mock-ups. We are extremely lucky in the Middle East to have excellent tailors offering skilful and affordable services to fit and shape the perfect two-piece.


Darker colours emit authority and professionalism, choose black, navy or dark grey hues and pair them with a crisp white shirt. Lighter suits will attract attention, but also highlight marks and imperfections, so save those for non-work occasions.


Our climate is incredibly unforgiving, particularly in the summer months. Lightweight fabrics are a must, and a light coloured shirt will be the most flattering when the heat is on. A long-sleeved shirt will always be more stylish than a short- sleeved one, but in excessive heat or a slightly more casual work environment, neatly rolled up long sleeves can work.


While the basis of your pitch, meeting, or interview may be to project how you can add value, be aware of what you have added to your outfit. Accessories play a vital role in your finished look. Shoes should always be polished and neat, your watch not too flashy, and your briefcase or laptop case kept in good condition. A sleek and professional pen and notebook shows you are prepared, and looks infinitely better than the biro you poached from a hotel and the back of your bank statement.


At office parties or work-related social gatherings, just as you shouldn’t let your professional manner slide, neither should your outfit of choice. In any situation where you are among colleagues, clients, or networking after hours, maintaining your professionalism doesn’t have to mean stultifying outfits. If there is no stipulation for formal wear, choose good shoes, tailored trousers and an open collared shirt to keep looking as smart as you sound.


Regardless of your position it is important to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Even if those around you in the office take a relaxed approach to the dress code, make sure you always look polished. It won’t go unnoticed by your boss, your customers, or prospective employers.


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