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How Dubai is emerging as the Hub of the Future

How Dubai is emerging as the Hub of the Future

DP World is driving the emirate’s efforts to be a leader in global trade

DP World has broadcast a sponsored programme on Discovery ME detailing Dubai’s efforts to become a Hub of The Future through trade.

For more than half a century the emirate has understood the powerful impact of trade in spearheading economic growth, having grown from a tiny trading port to a major container terminal.

Today this impact is being led by Dubai-based DP World, which manages 78 ports in more than 40 countries across six continents but started wth Dubai’s Jebel Ali.

The company is the world’s third largest terminal operator by equity adjusted container throughput and is making the Dubai model global.

“Naturally the port stimulates the economy, the port generates jobs for people. The port makes it much more efficient to import and export so it stimulates trade,” said DP World chairman and CEO Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem

The success of the DP World and Dubai model is emphasised by the leading role both have played in the development of free zones across the world.

As Chuck Heath, director of global logistics parks at DP World, explains almost every major free zone in the world models their free zones after Jebel Ali or a major component of Jebel Ali.

And with good reason, Jebel Ali Port and free zone contributes 21 per cent to the GDP of Dubai.

This contribution could grow even larger as DP World moves into new and associated businesses.

The port aims to be fully automated within the new few years as part of a wider technology plan that has included the introduction of RFID gate technologies, solar panels in car parks, the use of surveillance drones and even investment in high-speed transportation technology hyperloop.

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Beyond these efforts in the technology space, the firm is also investing in human capital with the launch of the global education programme to inspire a new generation of logistics professionals.

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“When we go to the schools and explain what we do and get people at least thinking that maybe when I graduate or choose my education I’ll be in logistics, said Sulayem.


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