Domestic workers in Dubai earn highest in the region
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Domestic workers in Dubai earn highest in the region

Domestic workers in Dubai earn highest in the region

On average, a domestic worker in the emirate pockets a monthly salary of Dhs1,697


The average monthly salary earned by a domestic worker in Dubai stands at Dhs1,697 ($462)– the highest in the GCC region, according to a survey by online agency HelperChoice.

According to the global survey, which collected data from 2,000 job postings, domestic workers in Doha and Jeddah earn an average of $440 per month, followed by Riyadh ($428), Al Khobar ($402), Abu Dhabi ($397) and Kuwait City ($384).

Country-wise, employers in the UAE provide the highest wages at Dhs1,592 ($433), followed by Saudi Arabia – SAR1,615 ($431) and Qatar – QAR1,571 ($431). Kuwait came the lowest with KD117 ($388).

The amounts do not include costs such as agency fees, flight fares and medical expenses – which are generally provided by the employer.

GCC states have been taking measures to improve the condition of domestic workers in the region in recent years.

In July, Kuwait’s Interior Ministry announced the implementation of a minimum wage for maids, private drivers, babysitters and cooks – the first to be introduced in the country.

Under the decision, the minimum wage will be set at KD60 ($198.54) per month, according to local reports.

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Last year, a law passed by the country’s assembly limited domestic workers to an eight-hour workday, granting them a mandatory weekend and 30 days of annual leave.


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