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Dell launches powerful midrange G7 gaming laptop

Dell launches powerful midrange G7 gaming laptop

It will be available in two versions: 15- and 17-inches

Dell G7 2020

The Dell G Series is among the best options for gaming laptops currently available in the market owing to its superior specs and competitive pricing.

Now, Dell have introduced a 2020 version of their G7 gaming laptop, which will be available in two versions: 15- and 17-inches.

It hasn’t made too many changes to the exterior, but you will notice a slimmer bezel compared to the previous generation of this laptop – down from 9.9 mm to 6.5 mm in the 15-inch version, and to 8.16 mm in the 17-inch iteration.

Dell has also lifted the screen up slightly above the keyboard, to ensure that the air flows to the processor and prevents the machine from heating up quickly.

It has developed some of the best technical specifications within its category. These include:
• Intel processor, up to Core-i9
• NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics
• Random memory (RAM) that ranges between 8-16GB
• Screen in both sizes have a 144Hz refresh rate
• Weight: 2.49kg

The Dell G7 2020 gaming laptop comes with an illuminated keyboard, and there is a dedicated “game shift” macro key that can be used to boost gaming performance by increasing the speed of ventilation fans in order to enjoy powerful performance for longer periods of time.

The Dell G7 17-inch is available at a price starting from $1,429, while the 15-inch G7 will go on sale on June 29 at the same price too.

This story originally appeared on MENA Tech

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