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Covid-19: Saudi reports six additional deaths, 157 new cases

Covid-19: Saudi reports six additional deaths, 157 new cases

A total of 1,720 Covid-19 infections have been confirmed in Saudi Arabia

On April 1, the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has reported six additional Covid-19 fatalities in the kingdom, alongside 157 new cases.

Of the newly diagnosed patients, Madinah (78) and Makkah (55) reported the highest cases.

As many as 1,720 people have been afflicted with the new strain of the coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, including 16 people who have succumbed to the disease, and 264 people who have recovered.

The Ministry of Health in the sultanate announced its first Covid-19 fatality as well as the detection of 18 new cases, Oman News Agency reported.

The total number of cases in the sultanate now tallies 210, including 34 individuals who have now fully recovered.

On March 31, the Ministry of Public Health confirmed 88 new cases and the second Covid-19 fatality in the country.

A total of 781 people have been afflicted in the country, of whom 62 have overcome the disease.


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