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Call for closer scrutiny of Pakistanis in Saudi after 39,000 deported

Call for closer scrutiny of Pakistanis in Saudi after 39,000 deported

There is growing concern at the involvement of Pakistanis in terrorism and crime, according to Saudi Gazette

A member of Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council has reportedly called for closer scrutiny of Pakistanis entering the kingdom for work after around 39,000 were deported in four months.

Saudi Gazette cited security sources for the figure. They described the number of Pakistani nationals involved in Daesh terrorist acts as a “societal worry”.

A number of Pakistanis have also been held for crimes including drug trafficking, theft, forgery and physical assault, according to the publication.

In light of this figure, Shoura Council security committee chairman Abdullah Al-Sadoun was quoted as calling for more thorough background checks for Pakistanis entering the kingdom.

He also called for closer coordination with authorities in Pakistan to determine the political and religious views of citizens before they are recruited to work in Saudi Arabia.

“Pakistan itself is plagued with terrorism due to its close proximity with Afghanistan. The Taliban extremist movement was itself born in Pakistan,” he was quoted as saying.

Seperately the publication said there were 82 Pakistani suspects in intelligence prisons related to terrorism and security issues.

Up to 15 Pakistanis were arrested following the kingdom’s recent terrorist operations in Al-Harazat and Al-Naseem districts in Jeddah that saw two terrorists blow themselves up.

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Two Pakistanis were also part of a group held for plotting to target Al-Jawhara Stadium in Jeddah last year during a football match between the Saudi Arabian and UAE national teams.

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