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British tourist who paid Dhs120,000 speeding fine still unable to leave Dubai

British tourist who paid Dhs120,000 speeding fine still unable to leave Dubai

The man, who settled with authorities, is now facing a complaint from the firm he rented the Lamborghini from

A British tourist who racked up more than Dhs170,000 ($46,284) in speeding fines while driving a rented Lamborghini in Dubai is reportedly still unable to leave the UAE despite settling with authorities.

Farah Hashi has been stuck in Dubai since the incident when he was caught exceeding the speed limit by 33 radars on Sheikh Zayed Road during the early hours of July 31.

However, after agreeing with police to pay a lesser fine, said to be around Dhs120,000 ($32,669), earlier this month he is still in limbo following a compliant by the rental company, according to The National.

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Saeed Ali Rent a Car is understood to be pursuing a further payment of Dhs50,000 ($13,612) from Hashi for lost revenue during the period in which the Dhs1.3m ($353,914) car remained in his possession.

The man visited Dubai Police’s traffic department yesterday in an attempt to resolve the dispute.

Manager Mohammed Ibrahim had previously indicated the Lamborghini Huracan commanded a Dhs3,000 ($817) daily rate.

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“The British tourist cannot leave the country until he pays the car rental agency about Dhs50,000,” a traffic police official was quoted as saying

Ibrahim told the publication he would not let the amount go unpaid.

“I lost money when the vehicle spent several days parked in front of the hotel,” he was quoted as saying.

“He rented the car for three days and returned it after 16 days. Renting such a vehicle costs Dh3,500 ($953) per day.”

He added that Hashi’s assurances that he would pay the fine upon returning to Britain provided no guarantee and claimed the yellow vehicle would need to be sprayed a new colour and given a different number plate after its recent notoriety.

“There is no guarantee that Hashi will send me Dh50,000 if he goes back.”


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