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British tourist returns home from Dubai after Dhs170,000 speeding fine

British tourist returns home from Dubai after Dhs170,000 speeding fine

Farah Hashi was prevented from leaving the city until he settled his debts

A British tourist has returned home from Dubai after racking up more than Dhs170,000 ($46,284) in speeding fines.

Farah Hashi, 25, was stuck in the emirate for weeks after the incident when he was caught exceeding the speed limit by 33 radars on Sheikh Zayed Road during the early hours of July 31.

However, after agreeing with police to pay a lesser fine, said to be around Dhs120,000 ($32,669), last month he was still reported to be in limbo following a compliant by the rental company.

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The BBC reported on Tuesday that Hashi had arrived home after the five-week dispute, which saw him spend two weeks under house arrest.

His brother Adman, 50, confirmed Farah’s return and said the family was considering legal action following his treatment.

It was unclear if a deal had been reached with Saeed Ali Rent a Car, which was understood to be pursuing a further payment of Dhs50,000 ($13,612) from Hashi for lost revenue during the period in which the Dhs1.3m ($353,914) car remained in his possession.

“I lost money when the vehicle spent several days parked in front of the hotel,” manager Mohammed Ibrahim was quoted as saying late last month.

“He rented the car for three days and returned it after 16 days. Renting such a vehicle costs Dh3,500 ($953) per day.”

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Ibrahim had indicated he would not drop the police case preventing Hashi from leaving the country until the payment had been made.


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