Beeah's Hind Al Huwaidi showcases sustainability and Emirati Women's Day
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Beeah Education’s Hind Al Huwaidi on how the theme of sustainability complements Emirati Women’s Day

Beeah Education’s Hind Al Huwaidi on how the theme of sustainability complements Emirati Women’s Day

The managing director – Beeah Education, says that there’s something to learn from every Emirati woman’s journey

Neesha Salian
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Tell us about your career path and how you’ve managed to carve a niche for yourself.
During my university days, I was interested in science, particularly the area of biology, public health and the environment. I saw this field as people-centric and it sparked my interest from the beginning, bringing together my passion for the community and scientific thinking. Eventually, I chose this subject matter as my major and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from the University of Sharjah. At that time, Beeah was a relatively new organisation, but it was quickly proving to be a pioneer for environmental solutions and sustainability, not only in Sharjah but in the region.

I was fascinated by the work they were doing at Beeah and how complex environmental challenges were being tackled head-on. In 2011, I was fortunate to become Education Officer at Beeah, at a time when the education program was still in its early stages. I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge to overcome challenges relating to community engagement, environmental education as well as reaching people across demographics with the message of sustainability. I am proud to say that the education programme at Beeah grew very quickly, with environmental courses and contests for students, courses for professionals, and more.

Today, I am humbled to be leading Beeah Education an organisation under the Beeah Group.

Beeah has given me a platform to grow in my role, reach more people and businesses, and serve as a leader in environmental education. Of course, the leadership team has been a source of strength and inspiration over the years with their dedication to training and mentorship, cultivating and honing my own passion for education and the environment. I am also proud of having so many Emirati women on my team, which has also encouraged me to grow as a leader.

What makes the UAE one of the pioneers in the region to promote diversity, inclusion and equality at the workplace?
The UAE is one of the most diverse cities in the world, home to people from more than 200 nationalities. By design, the workforce is diverse and brings a global perspective to companies, across industries and wider society. It is certainly a testament to the UAE; here, people from different nations and different walks of life can work together and co-exist in harmony.

At the same time, the UAE has also placed importance on fostering the Emirati culture, and the empowerment of women has been a foundational element since the time of the late Sheikh Zayed, the Father of the Nation. Both in the private and public sectors, we now see Emirati and expatriate talent helping drive growth across industries.

At Beeah, which is a public-private partnership, we have over 42 different nationalities innovating together. It is no doubt that Beeah has such a diverse workforce thanks to being based in the UAE.

Any tips on how peers and other Emirati women can forge ahead in their careers and business?
It is heartening to see the success of Emirati women in the UAE today. The UAE is full of opportunity and there are women leaders in so many different fields and industries. I would encourage Emirati women to explore all the available opportunities, uncover their interests and seek out Emirati women who can be mentors in that area. There is something to learn from every Emirati woman’s journey. My message to all women would also be to never limit your ambitions. There is always a path to pursuing your dreams.

Why is Emirati Women’s Day so special for you considering the focus on sustainability?
As an Emirati woman working in the field, it is exciting to see the focus on inspiration and sustainability. This theme really rings true for me thinking about my own journey of working to inspire sustainable action. I am also reminded of how many Emirati women are helping tackle the urgent, real-world challenges to a sustainable future. For example, Mariam Al Mheiri, the Minister of Climate Change and Environment, is spearheading several initiatives in the UAE that are firsts in the region. Her leadership and success are a great source of inspiration for me.

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