Bedu partners with Dubai Future Foundation to bolster UAE’s metaverse journey
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Bedu partners with Dubai Future Foundation to bolster UAE’s metaverse journey

Bedu partners with Dubai Future Foundation to bolster UAE’s metaverse journey

The partnership took place at the Dubai Metaverse Assembly which was held on September 28-29


Dubai-based Web3 solution provider Bedu has partnered with the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) to reinforce the metaverse ecosystem at the Dubai Metaverse Assembly (DMA).

The assembly was held at the Museum of the Future on September 28-29, 2022.

By investments in promising economic opportunities, implementing metaverse technologies and creating a digital infrastructure that supports global transformation and the digital economy, the DMA aims to establish Dubai as a globally leading digital city. By bringing together regional and international experts to discuss the future of the metaverse, uncover new opportunities, and fulfil potential applications within this space, the event explored how revolutionary technology can be applied across important sectors to create a better future and quality of life for humanity.

Amin Al Zarouni, CEO of Bedu, participated in three panel discussions titled, The Reality Gradient, UAE Metaverse Contributors, and Building the Metaverse: Create Real Value in the Virtual World, while Misha Hanin, co-founder and Futurist, Bedu, led the panel discussion of Interoperability.

Accompanying the sessions, the company showcased its recently launched Metaverse Project 2117. Project 2117 aims to become a 100-million-user metaverse environment in the next 10 years. It will focus on developing every aspect of the virtual world around the community, user needs and the Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Furthermore, Bedu issued non-transferable NFTs as tickets to the assembly, which will only be used by guests to attend the assembly each year and will be eligible for future benefits.

“The nation’s leaders have been exemplary in focusing their efforts on incorporating state-of-the-art technologies to provide its citizens with the most immersive experience in the metaverse,” said Amin Al Zarouni, CEO, Bedu. “It is an absolute pleasure to partner with the DFF on a platform such as the Dubai Metaverse Assembly, helping the UAE harness the power of Metaverse innovations that have the potential to impact every community, individual, and society as a whole through new digital environments.”

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