Bahrain distributes Covid-19 'care packages' to nationals in US, UK
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Bahrain distributes Covid-19 ‘care packages’ to nationals in US, UK

Bahrain distributes Covid-19 ‘care packages’ to nationals in US, UK

The boxes are dispatched directly by local embassies in the respective countries

Bahrain has distributed Covid-19 ‘care packages’ comprising of essential goods and medical supplies to its citizens studying in the UK and US.

The boxes are dispatched directly by local embassies in the respective countries and include long shelf-life essential items such as pasta, canned food, teabags and olive oil.

The medical supplies included are masks, gloves and hand sanitisers as well as basic medication such as paracetamol tablets.

Each box is accompanied with a letter advising citizens of the importance of taking “additional precautionary measures during this temporary period, for the safety and protection of everyone.”

“In case local markets witness food shortages, this package consists of some essential food items that have a long shelf life that should be kept in case of emergencies,” it added.

The kingdom’s embassy in Washington DC has contacted 136 universities in North America to assist students.

Consular officials have also purchased 71 tickets home for Bahrainis facing difficulties.

As of May 12, 12pm local time, Bahrain reported a total of 3,075 active Covid-19 cases, of whom five are said to be in a critical condition.

The country ranks fifth in the world for its testing rates and launched a dedicated tracking app called ‘BeAware’, while also mandating that those isolating wear tamper-proof bracelets which monitor their location.

Other initiatives include converting public buses into mobile testing units and rapidly building field hospitals for the treatment of cases.

Also, engineers from Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) designed breathing apparatus units that can be used for non-ICU patients in need of respiratory assistance.

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The device was built in partnership with intensive care doctors from Salmaniya Medical Complex’s Respiratory Therapy Department and Medical Equipment Department.

Following extensive testing and approval by Bahrain’s Ministry of Health, an order for the first 100 machines has been placed.

On March 19, Bahrain became the first Arab country to join the WHO’s Solidarity Trial, which aimed to pool resources to produce a treatment for the disease.

On May 7, the kingdom revealed that its humanitarian campaign There Is Good in Us raised $100m in two weeks, while receiving donations from more than 40,000 individuals and 500 institutions.

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Bahrain has also announced a $11.4bn support package for the country which includes measures such as covering electricity and water bills for three months, waiving several government fees and paying the salaries of more than 100,000 citizens employed in the private sector.

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