Almost 1.8 million people used Dubai public transport on New Year’s eve

The metro network transported 769,817 people on December 31

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) confirmed that a total of 1,793,691 people used public transport on New Year’s eve in the emirate.

The metro network transported 769,817 people including 509,089 on the Red Line and 260,728 on the Green Line.

While 32,850 commuters used the Tram on December 31, public buses transported 393,763 people.

Taxis were used by 543,329 people and marine transit modes ferried 53,932 people.

The RTA prepared a comprehensive traffic management plan for New Year’s eve to handle the heavy traffic, especially in the area around Dubai Mall-Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Water Canal, it said in a statement.

The plan was intended to ensure the integration of various mass transit modes, and the traffic systems to ease the movement of those celebrating the event at the main areas.

As part of that, the RTA also extended the operating hours of the Metro and Tram to run continuously from early morning on December 31 until midnight on Sunday, January 1.

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Dubai has seen a rise in the number of revellers welcoming the New Year, with the world’s tallest tower – the Burj Khalifa – the focal point for the celebrations.

Last week officials said they expected about 650,000 people to gather at the area surrounding the Burj Khalifa to witness the keenly anticipated New Year fireworks display.

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