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Al Noor Hospitals Group rebrands as Mediclinic in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain

Al Noor Hospitals Group rebrands as Mediclinic in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain

The two companies merged in February 2016

Abu-Dhabi based Al Noor Hospitals Group will be rebranding all its facilities in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western region following its merger with South Africa’s Mediclinic, it was announced on Monday.

The two companies merged in February 2016, in a deal worth over $2.2bn.

The new entity is the third-largest international healthcare group outside the United States, according to reports.

“Due to regulatory formalities, the complete rebranding of all units will take approximately one year to complete, however the necessary procedures for renaming all Al Noor hospitals is complete and they will be rebranded as Mediclinic from April 3, 2017,” a statement said.

The new hospital names are as follows:

Al Noor Hospital – Airport Road Branch has been rebranded to Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital

Al Noor Hospital – Khalifa Street Branch is now Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital

Al Noor Hospital – Al Ain Branch has been changed to Mediclinic Al Ain Hospital

Al Noor Hospital – Al Jowhara has become Mediclinic Al Jowhara Hospital

“Although Al Noor is a familiar name to many Abu Dhabi residents, and has served them with high quality healthcare services over the past 30 years, the entry of Mediclinic into the Abu Dhabi market ensures an exciting and positive future for private healthcare patients in the capital,” the statement said.

Several redevelopment projects have already been instigated since the merger was finalised in February 2016, it added.

During the merger last year, officials confirmed that the combined group plans to look at opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar.

The merged company has 73 hospitals, 35 clinics and over 10,000 beds in South Africa the UAE and Switzerland, it was revealed at the time.

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The company plans to launch awareness campaigns regarding the rebranding on a large-scale using print, radio and digital promotional campaigns.


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