Abu Dhabi's EAD launches ‘Green Industries’ labelling programme
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Abu Dhabi’s EAD launches ‘Green Industries’ labelling programme

Abu Dhabi’s EAD launches ‘Green Industries’ labelling programme

The programme encourages industrial facilities to find innovative pollution control solutions and apply best environmental practices

Neesha Salian
Green industries programmed launched by EAD; pic courtesy Wam

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has announced the launch of the ‘Green Industries’ environmental labelling programme.

According to the Abu Dhabi Media Office, the ‘Green Industries’ environmental labelling programme encourages industrial facilities to find innovative pollution control solutions and apply best environmental practices leading to an increase in environmental compliance levels across all sectors, by granting an ‘environmental label’ to those organisations with outstanding environmental performance.

Dr Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri, secretary general of EAD said: “The launch of ‘Green Industries’ is fully aligned with the newly launched Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy and comes under the framework of our comprehensive programme to protect environmental gains in Abu Dhabi through an integrated strategy for sustainable development, the integrated management of water resources, and improvement of air quality and waste management.

“This multidisciplinary effort helps preserve biological diversity, increase environmental awareness and develop EAD’s institutional capabilities, as well as help contribute to the UAE Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative.”

The ‘Green Industries’ programme was launched at an event held at the headquarters of EAD. During the event, EAD bestowed honorary recognitions on selected industrial establishments for their environmental compliance with environmental laws, legislation and conditions.

The companies awarded include Emirates Global Aluminium, Nawah Energy Company (Nawah) and Al Wafi Food Products Company, part of the Wafi Group.

The programme will award facilities a ‘Green Industries’ label based on environmental criteria split into four major categories. The first category is the demand-side management of resources, which looks to rationalise consumption while considering the optimal use of energy and preservation of resources.

The second category relates to pollution reduction from primary and secondary operations.

The third category involves entities, that in the view of EAD, have an impeccable history of compliance with EAD requirements.

The programme also includes an assessment category that highlights innovative approaches by entities to protect the environment, promote economic growth, and enhance the quality of life for Abu Dhabi’s residents.

Industries must adhere to criteria in all four categories to be recognised and awarded a ‘Green Industries’ environmental label.

The launch of the new programme aims to celebrate industrial facilities that adopt and follow the best environmental standards during the manufacturing process, with the ‘Green Industries’ label granted for a period of one year.

The agency has been working on upgrading its compliance activity portfolio, and now through its ‘Green Industries’ programme, industrial facilities can apply for the label online. The agency will review and evaluate the applications, with visits conducted to the participating facilities to ensure their compliance with the programme’s criteria. The label will be awarded to compliant facilities to market their company and products.

Following the launch, EAD will carry out training for facilities in various industrial sectors to educate them on how to comply with the programme’s criteria and application procedures. A wide media campaign to educate consumers about the programme’s objectives and recognise facilities that have been awarded the ‘Green Industries’ label will also be held.

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