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Abu Dhabi Opens VIP Terminal

Abu Dhabi Opens VIP Terminal

Top-end passengers can be driven to the aircraft in a Mercedes Benz limousine


Abu Dhabi International Airport has raised the bar of its top-end services after officially opening its VIP terminal.

The 924 sqm dedicated facility – which includes its own drop off area and contains immigration, police and baggage handling facilities – is being operated by National Aviation Services (NAS), which currently provides Golden Class services in Terminals 1 and 3.

Ali Majed Al Mansoori, chairman of Abu Dhabi Airports, performed the ribbon cutting ceremony together with Hassan El-Houry, CEO of NAS. “Through the new VIP Terminal, Abu Dhabi Airports aims to provide the ultimate in privacy, luxury and security through unique personalised services,” said Al Mansoori.

All passengers, regardless of their ticket class, can use the terminal by paying an undisclosed “pre-set fee”.

Mercedes Benz limousines will take passengers between the terminal and aircraft and they will be chaperoned by a special services agent.


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