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Abu Dhabi to increase speed limits on certain routes to 140kmph

Abu Dhabi to increase speed limits on certain routes to 140kmph

The move is hoped to increase safety on the roads

Speed limits on certain Abu Dhabi roads will be increased as part of efforts to boost safety, Abu Dhabi police announced on Wednesday.

The maximum speed limit will be raised to 140kmph on the Sweihan Al Hayer Road (E20), from Zayed Military City roundabout until the Truck Road intersection (E75) and from E75 to Al Hayer.

A similar limit will be introduced on the Al Ajban – Al Saad Road (E16), from Al Ajban Palace roundabout to Al Saad, and Al Ain – Al Quo’ Road (E95).

Police stressed that the speed increase will only apply to the specified stretches on the roads.

The changes have been made after investigations were undertaken into the causes of accidents on the stretches, The National reported.

The UAE capital removed the 20kmph speed buffer in August, following which the speed limit was officially increased on Sheikh Zayed Road from 120kmph to 140kmph.

According to Abu Dhabi Police officials, the decision to remove the buffer was being implemented on the basis of traffic accident indicators, research and studies aimed at attaining the “highest levels of traffic safety and easing traffic congestion”.

The police has co-operated with the Department of Transport and the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, to adopt a set of recommendations and procedures that will contribute to implementing the new decision, the report said.

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