Abu Dhabi hospitals must treat all emergency cases irrespective of insurance cover

The circular was issued in the wake of a toddler’s death on account of medical negligence by private hospitals

All healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi have been instructed to accept and treat emergency cases notwithstanding their insurance coverage, in the wake of a toddler’s death in Al Ain.

The Abu Dhabi media office took to Twitter to inform that the Department of Health (DoH) – Abu Dhabi’s health sector regulator – had issued a circular to all healthcare providers in the capital, to treat all emergency cases.

A Jordanian parent – Alaa Rawajbi – in Al Ain reportedly filed a lawsuit against two private hospitals on account of medical negligence that allegedly led to the death of his two-year old boy in October.

The first hospital couldn’t provide adequate treatment due to which the father shifted his son to another health facility that refused to treat the child as his insurance didn’t cover the hospital. That pushed his frantic father to take him to another hospital where he passed away.